Outdoors, In - Our Guide to Funky Interiors

Home has taken on a whole new meaning this year. Our spaces are multitasking for us in new ways, and making them feel as cozy as possible is more important than ever before. So, we've curated our favorite products for bringing a breath of fresh air into your space this winter (they make pretty amazing gifts, too!).


1. Brighten Things Up 

Lighting is essential to creating the feeling of a space. If you've ever walked into someone's home and thought "am I in a living room or a waiting room?" you know what we mean. The ways that we choose to bring light into our spaces matter. 
  • Hang mirrors on walls opposite to windows help to reflect light and make rooms look larger. This is a great idea if your space doesn't have many windows!
  • When choosing curtains, opt for lighter colors in semi-sheer fabrics. This allows more natural light to come through and avoids bringing a heavy or stuffy feeling to the room.
  • Select lamps that do more than just "turn on". Think about the overall look you are trying to create, and bring the outdoors into your space by choosing pieces that add to the aesthetic of your room. 

Need something small? Our Nature's Nightlights are made from hand-picked coastal beach stones and provide a soft golden glow wherever you need it. 

Going for ambience? The Single Stone Candle Holders and Beach Stone Candle Rocks are perfect for adding just the right touch of light and outdoor energy to your space. 

Looking for more of a statement? The Coastal Cottage Lamp and Mini Coastal Lamp are handcrafted with stacked beach stones and lightweight white shades. Sculptural and functional, they are the perfect one-of-a-kind addition to your lighting game. 

Four Images (left to right): A bright kitchen interior with windows and a wooden table, a stacked rick table lamp with white shade, a hardwood floored dining room with cream colored drapes and a hanging plant, two stacked rock candle holders with two white candles.  


2. Elevate your Kitchen and Bath

Sometimes the little things make the biggest difference in our kitchen and bathroom spaces. As we approach winter, it feels more important than ever to make small changes and keep our homes fresh and our spirits high. 

  • Give cabinets new life with fresh hardware. Spending 20 minutes switching out the knobs on kitchen and bathroom cabinets can make a giant difference. Change them every season to fit your fancy! 
  • Get funky with your cutlery. When function and form get together, magic happens! That's why we love our Beach Stone Spreader, Stone Pizza Wheel, and Beach Stone Salt Cellar. All three pieces are functional art that make our kitchens unique and beautiful. 
  • Choose detail pieces that make you smile. For us, it really is all about tiny details that make a huge difference. When we walk the beach looking for the perfect stones, its all about streaks of color, unique striations, and good energy that make each one a treasure. We approach our interiors similarly. Our Stone Soap/Lotion Pump and Sponge Holders are the right mix of functional and sculptural, proving that it really is the little things that can tie a space together. 

Four Images (left to right): a gray stone salt cellar with white salt and a bamboo spoon over a green cloth and cork background, a kitchen interior with warm wooden cabinets and gray stone countertops, two sone soap dispensers, and a white tiled kitchen backsplash with wooden countertop.  


3. Make Room for Greenery 

Whether you consider yourself a plant guru or you swear by faux greenery, there's no denying that plants can do incredible things for your home. Improved air quality, beautiful shapes, and a solid dose of color are just a few reasons why bringing the outdoors in can be game-changing. The instant transformation after adding a vase of flowers to our kitchen table or nightstand is enough to convince us that this is one of the simplest ways to freshen up our homes for winter. 

  • Hanging plants are a great way to add decoration and greenery to a room in one fell swoop. Get creative with the type of hangers you choose, and choose a spot that will get optimal light and give much needed life to the space. 
  • Looking to keep things a bit more grounded? Our Stone Vases are the perfect holder for your favorite flora and fauna. Functional sculptures with unique details, they come in four sizes to fit wherever you need! 

Four Images (left to right): A dark room with hardwood floors and a green floor plant, two stone vases with greenery inside of them, a bathroom interior with black and white tile floors and green plants, two stone vases in front of a honeycomb tile backdrop.



No matter what you choose to do, your space (and your heart) will thank you for the refresh. We're always here to help you bring the outdoors in, add some funky touches to your decor, and cozy up your space for winter. 



Team Funky Rock