With Funky Rocks come Funky Questions. We've got the answers here!  

1. How the heck do I use the Stone Beverage Dispenser? 

Before using your new dispenser, make sure that the valve is tight to avoid leakage (sometimes the dispensers get bumped around in shipping). Simply fill the top reservoir with water and pull the valve's rock handle. Water will flow out of the valve. Push the valve back to the original position to stop dispensing water. 1-2 drips after closing the valve is normal. If there is leakage, however, never fear! Simply tighten the the bottom nut on the valve clockwise about a quarter to half way around. (see question 3 for imagery)

Now you're ready to use your Stone Drink Dispenser! It is as easy as 1,2,3:

  • Remove the cap or cork of your beverage and place the rock on top of the bottle. 
  • Turn the bottle over with the dispenser together as one. 
  • Pull the tap to pour! 

Visual learner? Check out our video here! 


2. How does the Beach Stone Bottle Stopper work?

We don't lovingly call it the "I Ain't Lifting That Rock" Beach Stone Bottle Stopper for nothing! The Beach Stone Bottle Stopper is super helpful if you're looking to use your Stone Beverage Dispenser without having to lift the rock. 

  • Remove the cork or cap from your beverage of choice and replace it with the stopper. 
  • Insert the bottle with the bottle stopper still inside into the Beverage Dispenser hole. 
  • Tug gently on the rock at the other end of the bottle stopper cord to dislodge the stopper and allow your beverage to be served. 
  • Víola! Your beverage is ready to go. Just remember to keep the stopper where it is until the bottle is finished (do not try to remove it). 

Visual learner? Check out our video here!


3. My Beverage Dispenser is leaking! Help! 

Never fear! There is a simple fix for a leaky Dispenser. 
If the drip is coming out of the valve, try tightening the bottom nut (pictured below) clockwise about a quarter to half way around. Sometimes the valve gets loose in shipping. Normally, there is a 1-2 drip max after closing the valve. 


4. How do I clean my Beverage Dispenser? 

Warm, soapy water is the name of the game. Open the valve and run soapy water through the dispenser and rinse thoroughly. We recommend doing this upon receiving your dispenser and between uses. 
Note: the dispenser is not for use with carbonated beverages. 


5. What is the best way to use the Match Striker? 

Our Match Strikers work only with "Strike Anywhere" Matches. If you are having difficulty using the sides of the holder to light your matches, we recommend using the smooth bottom of the stone for best results! 

Visual learner? Check out our video here!



6. How many ounces of liquid do the Stone Soap/Lotion Pumps hold? 

Our Soap/Lotion Pumps hold about 6-8oz of your favorite liquid soaps and lotions! 


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