Booze Cubes

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For the Whiskey Connoisseur who likes their drinks cold, but without being watered down

Our cubes are handmade in our "Down East" Maine studio using locally sourced granite by our team of local artisans and craftspeople.  Reclaimed from the cores of the production of our Stone Drink Dispenser, they are cut, reshaped and given new purpose. Due to the intrinsic qualities of granite, our cubes will stay exceptionally colder for longer than other variations available for sale.

Adding ice to your whiskey can change the flavor profile and aromas it provides, creating a different experience than if you were drinking the same whiskey neat.  Our granite booze cubes are designed to preserve those natural flavors and aromas in your favorite spirits so that you can enjoy them as they were meant to be experienced.

Each clear freezer-ready tube comes with 4 black and 4 gray granite cubes.

How to use the Booze Cubes:
     1. Place your tube in the freezer for at least
          three hours.
     2. Add two cubes to your glass
     3. Pour in your favorite spirits and enjoy!

Granite color will vary slightly and may not be as shown.