The "I Ain't Lifting That Rock" Stone Bottle Stopper

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A unique accessory for your Stone Drink Dispenser! The original method for placing your bottle in the Stone Drink Dispensers is by placing the dispenser on top of the bottle, then turning them both back over together as one. However, for some people, lifting the bottle and dispenser together is difficult because of the weight. This accessory makes placing the bottle much easier, that's why we call it: The "I Ain't Lifting That Rock" Stone Bottle Stopper!

Here's how it works:

  1. Open your bottle and re-cork it with the appropriate size stopper (there are 2 sizes attached)
  2. Turn the bottle upside down and place it into the dispenser with the cord coming out the air vent slot on the back.
  3. With the valve closed, tug on the cord to dislodge the stopper. You will see air bubbles enter the bottle which indicates that the stopper has been removed.

Ta-Da! The stopper stays in place until your bottle is finished.

*Stones vary in shape, size, color, texture, weight and may or may not have natural mineral deposits. Due to those variations, the item pictured is an example only and will not be exactly what is received.*

Customer Reviews

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Cathy Gann
Best stopper ever.

Couldn’t do without this little gem of a tool. No need to lift that bottle ever again! Smart thinking you guys!!

A must-have!

After lifting that heavy stone wine tap a few times, I ordered the stopper and now the joke is, I ain't lifting that rock! Seriously, it's a must-have. We love it and the whole wine tap system was a huge hit and conversation piece at our recent holiday party. And, it's much safer with the stopper! Ingeniously designed and works perfectly.


Works great!