Stone Match Striker

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Every Bathroom Should Have One

Crafted in Maine, these hand drilled match strikers are made from natural stones that have been shaped by nature. The Stone Match Striker goes perfectly on any shelf or coffee table, in the kitchen, or by the fireplace.

Sculpted smooth by nature, each holder has its own distinct color and markings. Strike a match the natural way!

NOTE:  Only works with Strike Anywhere Matches, available at your local hardware store. Matches not included.

We recommend striking your matches on the bottom of the Stone Match Striker to avoid leaving a sulfur mark on the side of the stone. 

Not into matches? This holder doubles nicely as a toothpick holder for use in the kitchen or while serving hors d'oeuvres.

Colors and textures will vary from stone-to-stone, just like they do in nature.

Customer Reviews

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Robin Fisher

Love the look of it. I bought something very similar in a gift shop a few years ago. I couldn’t have matched the look better. Love the quality and the customer service

Ellen D
Best matchbox ever!

I have gone through several iterations of decorative match holders to keep on the fireplace mantle and once I found this one, I never looked back! It is heavy enough that it is not easily knocked over, scattering matches all over--and easy to flip over and strike on the stone base while pressing the bundle of matches against the side of the hole with a finger so they won't fall out (see photo). Best of all, striking on this stone worked far better for me than striking on the stone material of my fireplace!

Cristela Flores
Earthy pleasures

I bought my stone match striker at a nice shop in western Maine and brought it home to Texas to remind me of our summer get away. The stone feels smooth would make a good paperweight. I am happy to see that it has other uses such as a toothpick holder. I would like to point out that my matches were confiscated by airport security... my bad; simply forgot...but now I have a short story to connect to this earthy pleasure.


Haven’t found matches B that will lie with the rock