Weather Rocks

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A New England Inside Joke

Hang your Weather Rocks outside and predict the daily weather forecast with uncanny accuracy. 

Made from seven to nine arranged naturally tumbled, shaped by nature stones and natural, strong jute rope.

Easy to use and extremely accurate. Includes simple forecasting instructions. 

We recommend hanging your Weather Rocks in an outside location easily seen from inside your home. By Simply observing your Weather Rocks and with a little practice, you will soon be able to predict the daily forecast with uncanny accuracy. 

  • If the rocks look wet and are dripping it is highly likely that you will experience rain today.
  • If they are white on top, expect snow or below freezing temperatures.
  • If they are casting a shadow, it should be a sunny day.
  • If you can't see them it is foggy out.
  • If they are swinging, expect some wind today.
  • If the rocks are scattered about the ground, we apologize, your rope broke.

Detailed instructions included.

May also be hung inside and used as a decorative accent.

Stones vary in shape, size, color, texture, weight and may not be as shown.

Customer Reviews

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Ellen D
My first Funky Rock product!

My sister bought a set of weather rocks for me as a gift in 2012 because she knew they fit my nature vibe and she noticed they were made in the town next to mine. What a fun concept to create a practical use for hanging prettty rock on a rope! They were the first of many utilitarian Funky Rock items I own and love. High quality rocks and the rope is still hanging in there eleven years later.. ;)

Sylvia Escobedo
Weather Rocks

They are great!!!